2016 Program

Growing Up in a Mixed City

The 4th International Conference
15-17 November 2016

Festive Opening Evening at the Conference Centre, Mishkenot Sha’ananim.

November 15



Welcome Reception



Anat Tzur, General Director, Jerusalem Foundation

Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, Academic Director, Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace;

Haneen Majadleh, Jerusalem Foundation


Poetry Slam Performance
Marrakesh Express” Music Concert

The Jerusalem Foundation supported this conference through a generous gift

of the Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture,

Prof. Dr. Jan Philipp Reemtsma, Germany

November 16 – International Day for Tolerance
09:00-10:30         Teenage Challenges in Mixed Cities (in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality)

Zachi Golan, Head of the Youth Welfare Deparment, Jerusalem Municipality


Renan Alian, Educational Welfare Director, Jerusalem municipality

Ornit Ben Yashar, CEO, Machshava Tova

Assaf Nahari, Keshet Center Team, Youth Development Division, Jerusalem Municipality

Ann Levi, Projects Team, Youth Development Division, Jerusalem Municipality

Yakov Cheshin, Keshet Religious Team, Youth Development Division, Jerusalem Municipality



11:00-12:30         Learning Multiculturalism and Multinationalism


Dr. Uki Maroshek,


Asfahan Bahaloul, PhD Candidate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Shlomo Fischer, Academic Advisor, Yesodot – Center for Torah and Democracy

Haneen Majadleh, Founder of “A Word a Day” Facebook group

Dr. Thabet Abu Rass, Co-Executive Director, The Abraham Fund Initiatives



13:30 -12:45      Keynote Lecture: Multiculturalism, Democracy and Tolerance

Prof. Raphael Cohen-Almagor, The University of Hull, England



14:30-16:30       Teaching Dialogue: Educational Projects in Mixed Cities

                              (in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality)


Opening lecture:

Dr. Udi Spiegel, Jerusalem Foundation; Tamar Greidinger, Adam Institute

Dr. Cheli Halel Avraham, School of Education and Society, Ono Academic College


Emanuel Zilberman, Head of the High School Education, and Nabila Mena, Deputy Head of the Arabic Education, at the Education Department of the Jerusalem Municipality


Principals and educators from Jerusalemite schools participating in different educational programs: “A Bridge of Educators, “Directing Together” and Adam Institute’s program “In the Path of Dialogue”.




17:30-19:00        Soccer in Mixed Cities: Is the Ball in the Supporters’ Court?


Eitan Perry, Chair of the fan’s assembly, Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem


Shai Golub, Israfans – Israeli Sport Supporters Umbrella Organization

Nuha Alghul, Soccer club, Silwan

Dr. Itsek Alfasi, Founder & Chairman of Betar Nordia Jerusalem

Daphne Goldschmidt, board member, Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem

Arturo Cohen, Director Inter Campus Jerusalem


November 17

11:00 -09:00        ”Multi-Culturalism as a Challenge for Civil Society”

Morning Panels in partnership with the Society and Youth Division, Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem District of the Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC)


Shaike El-Ami, Executive Director, Ginot Ha’Ir Community Council, Jerusalem


 Dr. Adit Dayan, community projects, Jerusalem Foundation
 Rani Rosenheim, director of the Society and Youth Division, Jerusalem Municipality
 Yuli Ben Lavie, director of IACC Jerusalem District




Ibrahim Abu Shindi, Executive Director of the Arab-Jewish Center in Jaffa

Tamar Weiss, Inter-cultural encounter at the Jerusalem Railway Park

Khaled Abu Kaif, Director, Zur Baher Community Council

Oshra Ben Zakai, Youth Department Manager, Yuvalim Community Council

Shalom Bogoslavsky, Social activists

11:15- 11:00


11:15-12:30         French Hill and Mount Scopus: Peace in Jerusalem?


Marik Stern, Researcher at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, PhD Student at Ben Gurion University


Eli Rozenfeld , Director, The Community Center 0f French Hill and Surrounding

Residents of the French Hill:

Avi Ehrentreu, Ultra-Orthodox resident

Yosef Atia, Arab resident

Naomi Vestfrid, secular resident



12:45-13:45         Keynote Address by Israeli and Foreign Activists: Foreigners in the Community – Refugee Youth

  Yael Gvirtz, CEO, Elifelet – Citizens for Refugee Children

Karyn Thomas “Small Projects” (Istanbul)



14:30-16:00         “On and off Campus”: Academia and the Mixed City


Dr. Maya Kahanoff, Senior Lecturer in the M.A. Program in Conflict Research, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Liat Mayberg, Among the founder of the Haredi pre-academic program and coordinator on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rabbi Nehemia Steinberger, Director of the Haredi pre-academic program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Amna Freg, Coordinator of Arab Students, Student Union, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Asmaa Mara’ee-Zoabi, Graduate of the Swiss Centre for Conflict Research, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

16:15 -16:00


16:15 -18:00        Cinema in Mixed Cities: Reflecting or Creating Reality?


Yoram Honig, director of the Jerusalem Film Fund


Yuval Rivlin, writer and lecturer on cinema and history

Jamal Khalaile, writer and director  of the film “Ebrahim”

Lior Elefant, Director of the Israeli Women in Film and Television Forum

Hadar Morag, writer and director of the film “Lama Azavtani”


Dr. Udi Spiegel, Jerusalem Foundation



Closing Festivities at the Museum for Islamic Art

Nadim Sheiban, Director, The Museum for Islamic Art

Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman, Academic Director, The Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace

Performance art in the rooms of the museum by the “Mabul Collective” (French Hill) and concerts by ” Wast El Tarik ” and “Shabnam


Steering Committee and Staff:

The Jerusalem Foundation:  Dr. Udi Spiegel, Director of Education Department; Tali Federman, Educational Projects Coordinator; Liat Rosner, Spokesperson   http://www.jerusalemfoundation.co.il/

The Adam Institute for Democracy & PeaceLeah Tobias and Dr. Uki Maroshek-Klarman – Co-Directors;
Yolanda Greenhut, Deganit Ben Shitrit, Perle Nicolle – Conference staff    www.adaminstitute.org.il


The Museum for Islamic Art: Nadim Shiban, Director; Maayan Levi, Events

“Ginot HaIr” Community Council, Jerusalem: Shaike El-Ami, Director

 The Jerusalem Education Department (MANHI):
Yoav Zimran, Chen Gazit, Tali Chanin  

Public Relations: Vered Liyon-Yerushalmi